Professional Translations

Measurably Better

Professional Translations

OmniLingua has been a trusted leader in quality translations for major global brands over the past three decades.


Life Science Translation

Measurably Better

Life Science Translations

Over the past 30 years, OmniLingua has developed strategic partnerships with five of the top 10 global medical device companies.


Linguistic Quality

Measurably Better

Linguistic Quality

OmniLingua provides accurate translations—customized to your specifications—for all content types, including corporate communications, marketing, eLearning and training.


Translation Customer Service

Measurably Better

Customer Service

Driven by a focus on continuous improvement, our tenured translation professionals excel in providing customer service through stable, dedicated client teams.


Comprehensive Translation Services

OmniLingua provides a full spectrum of translation services while meeting your regulatory requirements and turnaround times.

Our goal: To ensure each translation meets your specifications.

Manufacturing Translation


Supporting our clients’ global sales for over 30 years.

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Life Science Localization

Life Sciences

Partner of choice for localizing regulated, high-risk content.

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Aerospace and Defense Translation

Aerospace / Defense

ITAR-registered and compliant.

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Automotive Translation


Over one billion service information words processed.

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Clinical and Research Translation

Clinical Research

Recognized for GCP and global trial support.

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Mobile Application Localization

Mobile Apps

Flexible, dynamic solutions for evolving technologies.

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Our Quality System

With OmniLingua as your corporate translation partner,
you define the level of linguistic quality required. Our team develops the appropriate processes, measures performance and collaborates with you for continuous improvement.

Certified Translation Services

As evidenced by our independent quality certifications, OmniLingua provides translation services that meet your industry’s strict regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 Requires a quality approach, quality manual, standard process and a direction to process improvement.

ISO 13485:2016 Specific to Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Clinical translation projects that require the absolute highest level of accuracy and consistency.

ISO 17100:2015 Global standard for quality translation service that meets client specifications, industry codes and best-practice guides or legislation. This qualification supersedes the European standard EN 15038.


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Big News from Ingenuiti


Ingenuiti and its wholly-owned subsidiary OmniLingua will align and operate as one brand moving forward. As part of the brand alignment, a new website has been launched.

The new site is located at

Moving forward, all the information regarding both companies can be found there, and this website will be closed on May 2nd, 2022.

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