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The most common Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool is the Translation Memory (TM). Translation segments are loaded into the client-owned TM database after each translation project. OmniLingua Worldwide is proficient in all major TM systems and has developed a proprietary TM tool, OTIS●mem, with enhanced capabilities.

Our Philosophy

OmniLingua analyzes each project to determine the most appropriate technology based on inputs and client requirements. We use a TM for virtually all projects, except those that are extremely small or ad hoc without any potential future leveraging or content reuse.

Each time we begin work with you, we will create a TM. You may use multiple TMs for divisions and product lines if the content is dissimilar. When we receive new materials from you for quotation, we load the new content in the TM to determine price using previous content.

It’s important to us that the TM we use for your projects is your intellectual property and that you have access to it at any time. Portability is key. 

TMs work best for technical, legal and training content where much reuse occurs. We ensure maximum leverage of our client’s previously translated intellectual property by identifying material that is exact or similar to previously localized content—and then using previous translations before the human translation phase. While all content will benefit from this technology, the value increases greatly when used in translating technical documents with highly specialized vocabularies.

TM Benefits

  • Accelerates the translation process and reduces the cost of long-term projects because translators only  have to translate once since it “remembers” previously translated material
  • Guarantees that translated documents are consistent across the entire lifecycle of the content, including common definitions, phrasings and terminology
  • Provides the greatest cost savings for our clients without the capital outlay of having to purchase  a toolset themselves
  • Enables translators to translate documents in a wide variety of formats without having to own the software typically required to process these formats

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