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Translation Partnerships with Life Science Companies

OmniLingua Worldwide understands the scope, investment, and time it takes to bring a medical device, medicine, or healthcare service to the global healthcare marketplace.

Mistakes in translation are not just costly and damaging to your reputation. They can also substantially delay new product launches and harm brand recognition. Know this: At OmniLingua, you’ll have a partner that is truly committed to providing precise documentation—and minimizing risk.

OmniLingua is TÜV-certified to several ISO standards and has been partnering with Life Sciences companies as a localization service provider for over 20 years. We have supported our clients in developing mature localization systems that provide timely delivery of clinical study content, localized product software, user documentation, packaging and labeling, website, training and marketing content in more than 120 language combinations.

OmniLingua specializes in support for global clinical trials. Through these services, solutions and processes, we are ready to contribute to your success in the global healthcare market.

1. We offer a secure portal for managing the localization of medical safety reports from global multi-site clinical trials.

2. Our team of expert linguists represents more than 120 language combinations—both into and from English.

3. We have robust HIPAA-compliant processes and practice GCP (Good Clinical Practice) for all Life Science project types.

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Take advantage of our regulatory expertise and proven processes for the Life Sciences industry.


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