Key Performance Indicators

Measurable Feedback for Our Clients

Proving quality requires data and time-consuming analysis. OmniLingua believes that clients deserve attention to the primary measures of Quality, Time and Cost.

All of these Key Process Indicators (KPI) can be drilled down by translation language pairs, time-frames, project types and more.

  • Linguistic Quality ScoresAssessment of translation quality by process-independent linguists using the J2450 metric and other criteria customized to our clients’ needs.
  • First Pass Yield—Overview of the number of translations approved by the client at the time of first delivery without re-work or errors.
  • On-Time Delivery—Data on our attainment of delivery within the agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Average Cost per Word—Analysis of savings through leveraging and other technology or process improvements.

In order to successfully generate these KPIs, volumes of raw data must be collected and analyzed. OmniLingua is focused on statistical methodology that effectively reports KPIs based on your objectives, for your review — and for our use in our continuous improvement efforts.

To further support our clients in making data-based decisions, OmniLingua is glad to mine the extensive data that we collect on every aspect of the localization process to support additional analytics, for example:

  • Comparative leveraging rates across languages;
  • Quote turnaround times;
  • Total localization cost for entry into a new market;
  • Changes in project scope during active projects;
  • Difference between quoted and invoiced project prices.

CONTACT US for additional samples and a complete description of our KPI reporting.

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Ingenuiti and its wholly-owned subsidiary OmniLingua will align and operate as one brand moving forward. As part of the brand alignment, a new website has been launched.

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