Content Types

Specialized Strategies for Each Content Type

It’s good to partner with specialized localization service providers, but it’s even better when one localization service provider specializes in all your content needs.

OmniLingua’s project managers and professional linguists understand the complexities and challenges of each content type. We have experience with the appropriate formats, tools and process requirements to effectively localize the content.

Our smart leveraging strategies ensure that once translated, your content can be reused across multiple content types. This saves time and facilitates consistent brand messaging.

Technical Publications

User manuals, quick reference guides, catalogs and technical service bulletins all require reliable, accurate and consistent information. OmniLingua applies the right processes and technologies to achieve these results, working with machine translation and human post-editing, XML and DITA content as well as unstructured multilingual formatting, as appropriate.

Software and User Interfaces (UI)

Device displays, cockpit displays, MRI scanners, car dashboards and mobile health apps are critical for user experience. Field size limitations and the lack of context can make software strings difficult to translate. OmniLingua has the experience to localize software and UI content accurately and efficiently for any industry.

Product Labeling and Packaging

Text on containers, product labels and outer packaging is short, concise and often reused. Accuracy is critical, requiring close attention to regulatory requirements. We employ smart leveraging strategies and extra quality inspections to ensure efficient, accurate packaging and labeling solutions.

Labeling Translation Sample

Regulatory Compliance Documents and Submissions

Because OmniLingua is certified to ISO 13485, we understand the ins and outs of regulatory compliance. We offer translation of quality management system documentation, including standard operating procedures, manufacturing process descriptions and audit documentation. We also understand requirements for regulatory submissions—from QRD templates, SmPC and PILs for the European Union, to Radiation Declarations necessary in User Manuals for Japan and translation certifications for the FDA.

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Marketing and Transcreation

Marketing messages do not translate 1:1. With in-depth knowledge of idioms, connotations and local context, our in-country translators make this process easier. We can translate or transcreate brochures, videos and other promotional media.


As web-based eLearning grows in importance, OmniLingua supports the global training needs of our clients’ HR, Global IT, Sales and Customer Support departments. Our translation and engineering services create effective target language webinars and training presentations for global audiences. Our experience with Flash, Learning Management System (LMS) integrations and Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) make this process easy. Choose from cost-effective options ranging from translation of content only, to subtitles and dubbed human or text-to-speech voiceovers.

Corporate Communications

The translation of annual reports, meeting minutes, newsletters and other corporate communications helps ensure that corporate messaging is equally shared and understood by all. OmniLingua provides a team of professional linguists that understands the preferred communication style/tone as well as local labor laws to ensure the effective translation of all corporate information.

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