Allowing Automation to Streamline the Translation Process

Using technology to produce high-quality deliverables.

Out of necessity for a robust and effective project management system, and as early adopters of Machine Translation more than 10 years ago, OmniLingua invested in the development of a suite of proprietary systems to handle its translation management system, translation memory leveraging, CAT workbenches (for linguists’ consistency), integration with machine translation, client portal access, and partner performance management.

Automated Translation Workflow

As the typical software life cycle goes, competing localization technology continued to advance and become less expensive. At that tipping point, OmniLingua began integrating with external industry leading technology.

This allows OmniLingua to focus on its core business purpose which is facilitating high quality translation services through its worldwide network of qualified linguists. It also allows OmniLingua to be nimble with internal and external localization engineering resources to design the most effective processes with a variety of tools. OmniLingua is able to constantly vet new tools and technologies to meet our clients’ needs.

OmniLingua has been recognized for its service and for creating customized process solutions for their clients. Technology is a means to this end: we make use of the wide range of available tools to produce high-quality deliverables through automated, standardized processes, which enable a satisfying client experience.

When Appropriate, We Utilize Off-the-Shelf Tools and Proprietary Systems, Including:

  • Machine Translation (MT)

  • MS Integration

  • Website Localization through Proxy Applications

  • Terminology Management Tools

  • Automated Text-to-Speech

Automating repetitive tasks leaves our project managers and linguists more time for creative, value-added and analytical tasks, which enable us to understand the causes of problems and take preventive measures to avoid them. This allows for continuous improvement of our translation processes.

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Big News from Ingenuiti


Ingenuiti and its wholly-owned subsidiary OmniLingua will align and operate as one brand moving forward. As part of the brand alignment, a new website has been launched.

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